Terrible Tease

Hey, folks. Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I shot some great content this weekend for the site and the first proper post will be coming very soon. It’s going to be a collaborative effort with another stellar site that some of you already know and love. I’m incredibly jazzed about what I have planned for all of us. I also wanted to give a big thanks to my buddy Ipsy for contributing the new banner up top as a “house warming” present.

Here’s a teaser image of topics to come (click to get a bigger look). Stay tuned…



5 thoughts on “Terrible Tease

    • Thanks a lot. I think most of them are a little obvious to horror fans. The only one I suspect will truly stump people is the bottom left one, only because the film itself is so obscure, even though the scream queen in the panel is not. As for the panel you’re asking about, I honestly thought that of everyone who saw it, you’d be the first one to guess what it is. Let’s just say it’s from a film you’re very familiar with.


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