What’s all this, then?

Hey, kids. I’m David (aka DJ D). I host Dark Entries: Goth Radio on WUSC 90.5 FM.

I’m a horror fanatic and lover of all things arcane, surreal, and generally spooky. This site will focus on dark media in general, spanning film, literature, comics, and music. I’ll probably go a little light on the music coverage only because I cover that fairly well on my show every week, but it will make its way over here too.

Expect this joint to go kind of heavy on the Clive Barker. I freaking love Clive Barker.

Oh, and I love comments. Leave loads of comments. I’d like as much discussion here as possible. You can also reach me here:

Facebook — Dark Entries: Goth Radio
Twitter — @DarkEntriesDJD
E-mail — darkentriesgothradio@gmail.com
The Dark Entries: Goth Radio Podcast — http://darkentriesgothradio.podbean.com/


One thought on “What’s all this, then?

  1. I really like your site. I love your reviews of old classics. It was especially fun to see Uncle Charlie clips and then Aileen interviews. She is my favorite! Anyway, I like your shirt, that’s not Nancy, and you don’t have to take off your shirt to get to your Johnson!


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