HOT SAUCE REGRET: A Halloween Tragedy

Kids, it’s almost here! As I write this, Halloween is TOMORROW.

I’ll say it again for those of you in the back row. HALLOWEEN IS TOMORROW.

I haven’t done quite everything to harness as much as much spooky feeling as I would have liked out of the season (this will be the first year in memory that I won’t have time to visit a haunted house), but I really can’t complain. I did a LOT, and it’s not over yet.

But, the most notable so far is hanging out and shooting videos with two of the coolest guys in the scream scene you’re likely to meet. An Infernal Internet Conference was held recently wherein we TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS (that is, if business entails eating weird snack foods, playing video games, and watching bad horror movies).

I’ve got 3 vids to share involving me, Bill/Will of Veggie Macabre, and Brian of Review the World, If viewing these isn’t enough to make you regular readers of their sites, then Satan help you. Oh, and they improve in quality as you go along. Trust me, I saved the best for last.

ZOMBIE JERKY! Watch us eat jerky of the undead that I found online somewhere. “CORAL!”

UNIVERSAL MONSTERS SODA! Watch three grown men discuss in detail the nuances of sodas based on Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and the Bride of Frankenstein… oh, and Bill gets mauled by a cat.

I SAVED THE BEST FOR LAST! We tackle chips, salsa, and I make the horrible, horrible mistake of eating hot sauce that I had no business eating. It’s right around the 10:55 mark that I pretty much have a stroke, cry, and beg for relief.


On Saturday, October 24th, I did the 2015 Halloween Edition of Dark Entries: Goth Radio. Check it out to hear 3 solid hours of Halloween themed goth/industrial music, horror movie samples, and classic Halloween themed commercials. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your party this weekend.

Hopefully, I’ve got at least one more post in me before the big day, so watch this spot. And if we don’t meet up here, have a solid holiday!

Oh, and P.S. I carved a punkin and it looks like this.

2015 Punkin


2 thoughts on “HOT SAUCE REGRET: A Halloween Tragedy

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed every one of those videos, especially the hot sauce. They were all a lot of fun to watch. I was wondering, though…is the ginger beer a Universal Monster soda? I think if it was a Universal branded item, it would be called “Wolfman” instead of “Werewolf” and it would have a picture of Lon Chaney’s Wolfman. Also, I didn’t notice an official Universal brand logo like the other two had. In any case, great job on the videos, guys!


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