Halloween Mood Table

mood table banner 2

My vow to do something spooky every night until Halloween is coming along nicely. I’m knocking out a lot of low budget horror films from the ’80’s (my rule is to only watch things I’ve never seen before), marathoning True Blood for the first time (this show is bonkers), and I’ve finally settled on a costume. In fact, this year is a little bit of an embarrassment of Halloween riches. On the night of THE BIG DAY, I’ll be doing the Halloween edition of Dark Entries: Goth Radio, then trying to decide which of two parties to go to.

So yeah, tapping into the spirit this year honestly hasn’t been a problem. I was driving around the other day and it occurred to me that for the first time in a really long time, I felt a bit of the exact same kind of excitement that I felt as a kid. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I live in the pocket of Halloween excitement. It’s just my usual mindset all year round, but that specific feeling we got as kids, that brand of excitement…I’ve felt a diluted version of it in my adulthood, but not the genuine thing. Until this year.

I’m big into decorating every year, but I just moved into a new place that gives me pretty much zero room outside to do anything, aside from a deck on the 2nd floor of the building. My pumpkin’s going to reside there once it’s carved in a couple of weeks, and I am going to put some lights up, but that’s about all I can do that people will actually see. So, I decided if they can’t see it, well, cousin, I will. The important thing is to stay in the spirit, even if you’re just decorating for your own darn self.

So, last night, I queued up a spooky podcast, lit a pumpkin candle, and after a half hour or so, this is the result: Borrowing an idea from one of my favorite haunts on the web, I made my own HALLOWEEN MOOD TABLE! It’s the scariest thing on 4 legs since the Wheelers from Return to Oz.


There’s a lot going on here, so we’ll break it down in a second.


The dark and glowy version.


Let’s get in a little closer. You’ve got some Shrieks and Creeks, a model of The Car from…The Car, a stack of horror DVD’s (and one very good VHS), a Lemarchant box, some candles, and one of my favorite records, the classic ‘Freddy’s Greatest Hits’ by The Elm Street Crew, which I genuinely love with no irony or humor at all. Just check out “Obsession” and tell me you don’t love it.




Ash made the scene!

Thanks for reading about my Halloween mood table. Try to do something spooky every day for the rest of the month to keep the spirit up, even if it’s just going in blind and watching a horror film you know nothing about. Those are the best kinds. We don’t have too much time left to do it. By the way, this particular table and corner will work well come Christmas time for my tiny tree.

I’m sorry I mentioned the “C” word.


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