A Landfill on Elm Street

I’m going to make this a quick one because I’ve got a proper, longer post coming up in a day or two. It’s going to be a lot of fun. I had to run to the landfill this past weekend and discovered a few things about myself in that trip:

1) I (no longer) own a LOT of old computer parts.
2) Making a landfill run takes a lot longer than you think it’s going to.
3) Magazines are heavy, you guys. Really, really heavy.

Anyway, the place I went had a remote section designated for electronics that was comprised of mountains of scrap metal, PC’s, printers, and televisions. I had quite a few PC’s and printers to unload, so I was making a lot of trips back to the large moving truck I’d rented. When I came back to Computer Mountain for the last time, I spotted this:

red tricycle

I swear I didn’t notice that tricycle there before and there was no reason for it to be sitting among all the printers and PC’s.

I couldn’t hightail it out of there fast enough. I’ve already seen how this movie ends.

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