2 Guys, 2 Pickled Eggs

While I’m still shaking off the remnants and extra weight of Christmas, my buddy Bill over at Veggie Macabre is actually getting something done. A while back I had the pleasure of heading up to Winston Salem to hang out with Bill, Brian from Review the World, and Ben from Juggernaut’s Cave. We ate a lot of weird food and did a lot of weird stuff. And cousin, when I say weird food, I’m talking some weird ass food.

However, I got into town a little later than Ben and Brian that fateful Friday night, and thank Baby Jesus I did. Bill’s taken it upon himself to post a vid detailing the jump start they got on the fun. And by fun, I mean eating some disgusting looking pickled eggs. I don’t even like regular eggs (I know, I know, go ahead and give me grief about it. Still not gonna eat them though), much less these pink abominations. We shot a lot of video that weekend, so hopefully more of it will trickle out as Bill gets round to editing it. In the meantime, have it, fellas. Better you than me.

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