Just Resting…

I’m going to go ahead and attempt some half-assed apology here. Clearly, Retro Ghouls and Shocks’s first Halloween was a little…underwhelming. I have no decent excuse to offer other than the day job and life in general have kicked my ass the last couple of months. The stupid irony of it is, I’ve gotten A LOT done, but just had no time to write about it.. I hosted The Dark Entries: Goth Radio 2014 Halloween Show, I hung out with Bill of Veggie Macabre (Bill did the Halloween Show with me! Seriously, guys, you should really listen to it), Brian of Review the World, and Ben of The Juggernauts Cave. We recorded a lot of content and you can see some of it at their sites, which I would highly recommend, as they’re some of the coolest sites on the web.

But, the good news is, I DO have loads of new stuff coming up. I’m going to try to toss off at least one post this weekend and then the kick it into high gear. Halloween was a little bit of a bust on the writing front, but I’m not letting it happen again for Christmas. I’m actually planning a little staycation for about a week and a half soon, and brother, if I can’t get it done then, then there’s no hope for any of us.

No, the site’s not dead. Just resting. We’ll be back at it very soon, whole-assed and everything.

sleeping skeleton


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