The Dark Entries: Goth Radio 2014 Spooky Fundraiser Soundscape Episode

As long as we’re trying desperately to catch up and not completely fail at Halloween this year, I’m giving you another quickie on top of the post I just put up.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this site peddling all the little things I’m in involved in (who am I kidding, I’m so going to do that), but today is an exception.

On my radio show, Dark Entries: Goth Radio, I try to be as prolific as I can and cover all the different facets of goth, darkwave, industrial, and just generally spooky music and horror. But, last night’s show was a little different. This week is WUSC’s Fundraiser Week and the theme we’re going for is “dressing up”. By that, I mean, we’ve decided to “dress up” our shows and play things we normally wouldn’t, all in the name of Samhain. Occasionally on the show, I’ll delve into just creating a little bit of a creepy, instrumental soundscape as a slight break from my usual lineup of early Batcave, punk-influenced stuff, but it’s something I just kind of touch on and don’t spend too much time doing.

So, I decided to make that the theme of last night’s show. I’m mentioning it here because we’re counting down to THE BIG DAY, and this particular episode turned out SUPER SPOOKY, you guys. I’m not one to brag on myself, but I gotta say, I pulled out some serious shit with this one. It may literally be one of the best shows I’ve done in 14 years of being on the air. It’s 2 hours of spooky, atmospheric crossfade featuring dashes of spoken word and samples and I’m 13 kinds of proud of it.

Oh, and next week is THE 2014 DARK ENTRIES: GOTH RADIO HALLOWEEN SHOW! Much more on that later. Until then, enjoy…


Dark Entries: Goth Radio airs Saturday nights 8-10 PM (eastern) on WUSC 90.5 FM in Columbia, SC with yours truly, DJ D.


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