Working, working, working….


Hey, kids. Just wanted to do a quick check-in to let you guys know I am in fact hard at work on a few articles here. Apologies for things being a little quiet lately. The first one (the one that’s held me up a little) is a little arts and crafts project that, over the last week or so, has resulted in a great deal of curses and temper tantrums on my part. Do you remember the opening title sequence to the old Incredible Hulk television series? Remember when David Banner is trying to change his tire in the rain, fumbles the tire iron and hulks out for the first time? That’s about where I’ve been with this thing. You’ll know all about it in the next day or so once that post goes up.

I have a few others almost in the can as well, and those will be coming rapidly after that one. Just gotta get over that hurdle first. I hope you’re all having a good beginning to your weekend. Mine will be spent finishing up these things and doing another long awaited episode of…

Dark Entries: Goth Radio! I’ve been off for the summer, but I’m sort of returning for a 3 hour episode tomorrow night. Then, taking next weekend off while I’m on vacation out of town, then returning in full force on 8/23 for the beginning of the fall semester. Here’s all you need to know:

Saturday night 9PM-12AM — Listen streaming live at: WUSC 90.5 FM
Dark Entries on Facebook
Twitter: @DarkEntriesDJD
The New Dark Entries Podcast!

Can’t wait to share more with you guys this weekend. Keep it spooky.


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